The Krabi Town Night Market, also known as Walking Street, is one worth visiting while in Krabi, Thailand.  Available on weekends from Fridays to Sundays, the night market behind Vogue department store offers a fascinating insight into the local Thai culture.


When we arrived at 6pm, all the stalls have already been set up, either in yellow tents, or in the open-air spaces.   



The night market is a treasure trove for enthusiastic shoppers.  It boasts a variety of handicrafts made by the locals.




There were also stunning paintings of Krabi’s beautiful beaches done by the local artists.




It was great to have the opportunity to witness live demonstrations of unique Thai crafts at the night market.



The creativity of the locals could be seen with the decorative pieces pictured below made from recycled materials.



The local ladies made pretty bouquets of flowers from pandan leaves.



The stall below was something interesting for us as we would never find such stalls in the night markets in Singapore.


The night market / walking street was bigger than the night markets in Ao Nang and Railay.



The night market also had musical performances such as the one pictured below.

Krabi-Town-Night-Market-13   Krabi-Town-Night-Market-16


Food at the Krabi Town Night Market

What is a night market without food?  The Krabi Town night market had such a great selection of food that we could not decide which ones to try.


Since almost half of the locals in Krabi are muslims, many of the stalls served halal food.



One of our favourites was the skewered meat or seafood soaked in sweet and spicy Thai chilli sauce.


Another favourite was the freshly cooked pad thai.


The stall allowed their customers to add as much chilli and sugar as they liked.



Another one of our favourites was the cuttlefish that were grilled and then soaked in a spicy Thai sauce.




For desserts, we tried the pancakes filled with pandan custard as well as the popular mango with sticky rice.



There were also interesting snacks made out of green bean paste as pictured below.



Check out the cute bamboo drink holders.



The night market had an open-air seating area for visitors to relax and enjoy the food.



The crispy rice cakes drizzled with caramel sauce made a great snack for supper back at the hotel.




  • Krabi Town night market is around half an hour ride from Ao Nang, an area where most tourists stayed.  Most tourists we saw had arranged for a mini van or taxi to drop and pick them up from the night market.  It was quite easy to arrange transportation to and from Krabi Town night market from one of the many transport/local tour agents in Ao Nang, or directly from your hotel.
  • Alternatively, combine the trip to the Krabi Town night market with a day trip to the Emerald Pool, and Hot Springs. It was easy to arrange for a private taxi or mini van for such day trips.
  • It would be better to get there early to get a table at the open-air eating area as the night market got more crowded later in the evening.