Adventure Cove is a popular water park in Singapore.  Located on Sentosa island, it is easy to get to the Adventure Cove by taking the MRT train to Harbourfront and change to the Sentosa Express monorail to Waterfront station.

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Adventure River

The first thing we did was to try the Adventure River which encircled the park.  The river meandered through  a bat cave, a hidden waterfall, an aquarium tunnel and the Ray Bay.  It was quite a scenic ride.

Adventure Cove at Marine Life Park Sentosa

Adventure Cove at Marine Life Park Sentosa


There were a variety of rides for the thrill-seekers.  We tried the Spiral Washout (left photo below) where two persons sit on a float and spiral into an open cone, and then, continue spiralling until they hit the pool. We also tried the Whirlpool Washout, where two persons head down in a float, and at a certain point, the float reverses and head down backwards in the dark.

There were more thrilling rides like the Tidal Twister, the Pipeline Plunge and the Riptide Rocket.  Amongst the rides, there was only one that did not use a float, and that was the Duel Racer (right photo). This was basically a race between two persons side-by-side.

Adventure Cove at Marine Life Park Sentosa Adventure Cove at Marine Life Park Sentosa

My girls, who were not as daring as the big brother, tried out the milder slide at the Big Bucket Treehouse (left photo below).  There was also the Cliff Jump (right photo below),  where you could plunge into the deep water from one of the two “cliffs”.

Adventure Cove at Marine Life Park Sentosa


Near the Cliff Jump were rope-related activities above water called Splashworks.  This include like climbing and walking on ropes.

Adventure Cove at Marine Life Park Sentosa


The Bluwater Bay is Adventure Cove’s wave pool.  The waves went as high as two metres!

Adventure Cove at Marine Life Park


My favourite part was the Rainbow Reef where we snorkelled around a pool filled with hundreds of fishes over a coral reef environment.

Adventure Cove at Marine Life Park Sentosa

Adventure Cove at Marine Life Park Sentosa

There was also a Ray Bay where you could get into the pool and touch the sting rays.  We decided not to go for that as we had to wait a while for the next session and separate charges applied.

Even when the Dolphin Island and the Sharks pool were not opened yet,  my family had a really fun time at the Adventure Cove.


3 things I would do differently

There were a few things that I would do differently if I were to visit the park again.

  1. I would not buy a 1-day pass that covered both the Adventure Cove and the S.E.A Aquarium.  You really need a full day to enjoy the Adventure Cove.  We were there from morning until late afternoon and we still could not try out all the rides.  Of course, we were taking turns trying out the rides because someone had to look after the little ones.  In the end, we had to quickly wash up and head straight to the S.E.A Aquarium before it closed.
  2. I would head straight for the rides first, especially the Riptide Rocket because of the long queues. The Adventure River could be taken any time.
  3. I would bring a waterproof camera (disposable or not).  There were a lot of great photo opportunities along the Adventure River, and I wished I had a waterproof camera with me.  I was hoping that the souvenir shop would sell a waterproof disposable camera, but sadly they didn’t.  There were official photographers who were around to take photos which you could later purchase before leaving the park at S$25 per piece.  It was pretty steep for a photo, but I must say that the photos they took of families or groups of friends underwater were pretty awesome, and it was worth the S$25.

It was a good thing that the lockers could be opened and closed many times without additional charges.  I was able to take out my camera, take some shots, and lock it back in the locker.

After the Adventure Cove, we headed for the S.E.A. Aquarium within the same Marine Life Park.


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